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Riding the FinTech Wave with the FinTech Festival India

The roar of technological advancement echoes through every sector, but none more so than the finance industry. Amid the cacophony, the FinTech Festival India rightfully stakes its claim as the prime meeting point for the leading minds of the industry.

Started out with a series of experiences across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, today it stands tall as the ultimate convergence point for FinTech aficionados.

Serving as the perfect pedestal for innovators, influencers, and startups to showcase their ideas and prowess to the world, what sets the festival apart is its ability to foster a collaborative environment. This makes Fintech Festival India the ideal space for visionaries to engage in intellectual exchanges, explore potential partnerships, and collectively push the boundaries of the finance sector.









2024 Themes

This upcoming 2024 Fintech Festival India is set to blow our minds with innovative themes that harness strength from government efforts and international business reach.


We aim to identify innovators and masterminds behind unique FinTech solutions.

Could this be you? If so, get ready to reach a wider audience.

Global Collaboration

Stepping onto the international stage can be challenging.

However, with the robust global connections that 2024 FinTech Festival India offers, forming relations becomes easy.


At the 2024 FinTech Festival India, you'll gain insights directly from policymakers.

What's the impact of government regulations and initiatives on your business?


How can financial technology help the 'unbanked'?

We welcome new-age technologies which can introduce individuals to decentralized banking systems.

Partner with
FFI 2024

Unexpected discoveries await
you in Delhi, 13 - 15 March 2024

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01 Innumerable

The branding options list is practically endless. What does this multitude of options mean for you? Simpler answer- customizability.

You can showcase your brand as the innovator, the authority, or the game-changer, depending on your strategy.
02 A Year-long
Benefit with
City Experiences

The beginning of your branding journey starts with city experiences and continue to be advantageous throughout the year.

Besides expanding your network during the festival, keep interacting with the connections you made throughout the year, which is a perk like no other!
03 Gain Real Business
and Build Real

Gain firsthand experiences and rub shoulders with industry's key players, and network with like minds.

Who knows? The next big idea that revolutionizes the FinTech landscape may be conceived at a coffee break conversation!

Coming up
City Experiences
Coming up
City Experiences
Coming up
City experiences

City Experiences

Coming soon to your city.

Identifying peers within your city, engaging in conversations, and creating firm business connections just got easier with City Experiences.
Our motto? Proffering you a space brimming with opportunities to engage in focused meetings.

Let's face it, isn't it easier to do business with a friendly face?



4th November 2023



15th December 2023

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