Reasons to Attend

Need a reason to attend FinTech Festival India, we will give you 10!

Multi-City Micro Experiences

FinTech Festival India 2023-led series of micro experiences across Indian cities identified as the nucleus of financial technology startups. The micro experiences are a great chance for the exhibitors, sponsors, and delegates to connect with the FinTech ecosystem at the grassroot level. The micro experiences at the previous editions enabled our partners to have discussions with the players from the FinTech fraternity and learn about how innovations are taking FinTech to the next level and with FinTech Festival India we will replicate the same success for our sponsors and partners.

Exclusive And Assisted Business Matchings

FinTech Festival India 2023 offers a dedicated technology application for business matching through which the delegates and participating organisations at the event can schedule meetings at their own accordance and meet the players who can play an instrumental role in the growth of their business or enterprise. The app will have pre-decided meeting schedules and locations within the venue and delegates can book their desired slots to the meet the businesses of their interest.

Industry Academy

The industry academy at the FinTech Festival India 2023 aims at knowledge transfer using case studies and white papers with the assistance of industry experts from within the FinTech industry. The thought leaders from the industry will get together and share their thoughts about the current scenarios in the various industry segments that FinTech dominates, the innovations happening, and the scope of these technologies in the future business building.

Focus On Innovation, Finance, Tech, Digital Transformation, And Future Trends

FinTech Festival India 2023 is an industry-first future-ready event which will hold conferences and sessions on topics that are by the industry, from the industry, and for the industry. The event will have global thought-leaders participating from the Fortune 500 companies coming together to discuss partnership and integrations between FinTech startups and the Fortune 500 companies to provide a comprehensive and integrated solutions to the corporate world.


The masterclass hosted at the FinTech Festival India 2023 will be focused on an experiential learning about future technologies, current trends, and how the industry is gearing up for the next big disruption in the Financial and Technology ecosystem. The masterclass will be a game-changer for delegates, professionals from within the industry and the aspiring entrepreneurs to build a strong foundational knowledge of the FinTech ecosystem in this ever-growing environment.

Multiple Conference Tracks

FinTech Festival India 2023 will have the multiple conference tracks running simultaneously on topics that are future-ready and talk about promoting sustainable project financing, integration of future technologies, financial literacy and inclusion. The though-leaders and industry experts from established players, startups, and unicorns at the FinTech Festival India 2023 will host a series of democratised content that will showcase the growth trajectory of FinTech ecosystem.

Open Stage

The Open stages at the FinTech Festival India 2023 will be a platform for our participating brands and delegates to showcase the ever evolving innovation that they are all a part of. It will be a sand box environment for discussions pertaining to new product launches, product demonstrations and used case scenarios of products and services in the FinTech ecosystem.

Global Exhibition

At FinTech Festival India 2023, come face-to-face with the future trend setters of the FinTech ecosystem across the globe and learn about how the landscape of FinTech is being altered within India its partner nations. The flag bearers of the FinTech at our sold-out exhibition floor will showcase their innovations, and current product line to showcase the exponential growth that the FinTech has shown in India and the world.

Unfiltered And Unscripted Content

FinTech Festival India 2023 will have a total of 6 conferences tracks spread over 2 days focusing on the future of the FinTech industry through democraticed content by experts who are the voice of the industry. The conferences will be based on focus areas that talk about the future of FinTech with digital transformation and innovation. The topics curated for the conferences will showcase the growth trajectory of FinTech and innovations in FinTech.

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