Main Event 2023 Agenda

Democratising digital economy for the world’s largest democracy

Are you ready to experience the ultimate fusion of finance and technology at this year’s FinTech Festival in India’s financial capital, Mumbai? We’ve created a program that is guaranteed to ignite your passion for innovation, disruption, and global impact.

Over three incredible days, you’ll have the chance to connect with some of the most influential global innovators and leaders, governance stakeholders, media analysts, and daydreamers who are shaping the future of money and finance. Our unique 5×5 approach will provide you with insights into the 5 key megatrends and 5 key tech stack drivers that will transform and shape the FinTech industry and the larger business environment.

At FinTech Festival India, we’re proud to be presented by Constellar, a Temasek company that organizes the world’s leading FinTech events, including the renowned Singapore FinTech Festival. Our festival promises to transport you to a global landscape while keeping you firmly grounded in the India opportunity ecosystem.

With our three stages – Centre Stage, Innovation Stage, and FinTech Impact Stage – you’ll have access to a wealth of informative and engaging content that will refresh and inspire you. Our festival is the perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and discover new opportunities to make a revolutionary impact.

So why wait? Join us at FinTech Festival India, where opportunity, access, insights, connections, disruption, impact, and global reach combine to create an experience that you’ll never forget. Let’s shape the future of finance together!

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